The Challenges

Here we goThere are yet a great number of unreached peoples group among the Utanga and Becheve tribes of Nigeria and Cameroon. Difficulties in reaching them range from non-availability of access roads (rivers to cross and mountains to climb) to language problems.

The spiritual state of the people calls for urgent attention as they are constantly harassed by the devil and live in fear of witchcraft and other demonic vices. Jesus alone can save them from such torture and pain they have been subjected to.
The lack of health care facilities among these unreached peoples groups constitute a serious threat to the physical well-being of the people. mangblan field picmangblan fieldThe sick are carried on wooden stretcher for about 2 – 6 hours to the nearest motorable road from where they are transported to the General hospitals in Sankwala or Obudu or the Primary Health Care unit at Besenge.
Finance poses a threat to the erecting of some church building projects, health centers and vocational training centers.
Generally, the people are poor and consequently most children are malnourished in the villages. Health tlk by qualified nurseHealth talk by qualified nurseMost children do not enjoy the privilege of being sent to school by their parents. This is worse with regards to the girl-child, who is often considered an instrument of trade; she is given in marriage as a child to older men and expected to 'hawk' around with men and use proceeds of such prostitution to take care of her-master husband. This is called 'Money Marriage'. 


Sequence to the forgone challenges, we have laid out the following plans as part of our agedThe aged immediate and long term measures to help surmount these obstacles: Network with like-minded individuals and church/organizations with the view of mobilizing lay and professional volunteers for the work.
Have a good transport system including a helicopter.
Build Mission schools
Establish a vocational training center.

Aged Outreach in Bebi Communities,
Obanliku LGA, Cross River State

The Outreach to the aged in Bebi 1-4, of Obanliku LGA, of Cross River State, was one meeting that opened us up to the enormous need of the elderly (65 years and above).

Questions concerning new faith in ChristQuestions concerning new faith in ChristThis age bracket suffer lack of care from their children and even community. some are looked upon as witches or wizards.
On a small scale, we have had to be the support system of some, who now see us as their caring children. We have watched some with tears as they eat, or receive medical care that Grace, my wife gives.

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